Affiliate Marketing: My Favorite Way of Making Money

Different people have different views, impressions and expectations with affiliate marketing. For me, it has been a very helpful tool when talking about earning or making money. Why, you ask?

In definition, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing where you will be rewarding your affiliates since they have been making some efforts for you to sell your products. To make it simple, you are going to give commissions to your affiliates who have promoted or shared your website or blog that showcases your products or services. Yes, you may be spending by giving your affiliates their commissions but at the same time, you can even earn more. The more affiliates you have the more connections your product could get. In the meantime, you can be an affiliate to other people as well. You can share their products and get commissions, too. Fare share, right?

There are a lot of reasons why affiliate marketing has been loved by a lot of people. And here are the significant reasons why I do:

1. Own products are not needed

If you are the type of person who don’t know what to sell as of the moment, you can already generate sales. All you have to do is to share the items or services to your product and let your own viewers to see it. The more viewers you have, the more possibility that even more commissions. During this time, there is a possibility that you will have an increase of viewers as well since your own viewers are most likely to recommend your blog or website to their friends. So, by the time that you have already decided with what product to sell, you will already be having a large amount of audience. To learn more on what to do with your product or services read on stackthatmoney affiliate marketing forums who are always ready to get in touch with you and answer all of your questions and clarifications.

2. Not responsible to customer service

In relation to the first reason that was stated, if we don’t own the product, we are also not responsible to the questions regarding the item. Just make sure that you have connected the ad that you have shared on your own blog to the website of your fellow affiliate. If you fail to do so, of course you will be asked about it. For those who own the products, always keep in mind that having a message or comment page for your customers could be really helpful if this time comes.

For me, who have created this blog, and decided to be accountable while I am still building an internet business, I am still gradually learning from super affiliate tips by STM which have taught me a lot when it comes to marketing such as taking more risks which I believe that could help me be led to the right path and think less but do and focus even more.

Niches and Keywords

The video above discusses in length about niche and keywords, two important aspects in affiliate marketing. When beginning a brand-new site, picking the appropriate topic for your site is one of the most vital part of the process. Everything regarding the site- the name of it, what it looks like, exactly what we release is determined by the subject or niche that we pick, so it’s obligatory that we invest a long time reviewing this just before we really start. When developing a particular niche website, particularly, the target keyword that you choose to develop a website around could suggest the difference in between success as well as failing.

Anybody can compete with any sort of key phrase. Yep– any key phrase. Even 1-word keyword phrases. The question is, what amount of time and money  would you like to invest to outrank the already existing competitors? High quantity search terms integrated with high levels of competition implies that you’re usually going to spend a great deal additional time and money on your campaign before you see any kind of results. That, or you’re going to have to be extremely imaginative, which could function, but you likewise have to think that the existing facilities in those affordable markets are currently heavily competing with each various other.

This is why, at least for the majority of us with a minimal budget plan, as well as maybe a restricted quantity of time too, it is better as well as makes much more feeling to try to dominate a niche where supremacy appears feasible and reasonable.

It’s not because there is even more money streaming in smaller markets– markets within already existing markets– that’s certainly not true. Try to look at the of Google for a key phrase like “laptop computer systems” and you’re gold, yet the reality is that getting there is going to be difficult.

Niche down, and you’re most likely to land higher in the search engines. Yes, you’ll be greater for keyword phrases with less search quantity … but likewise for key phrases with less competition.

You’d instead be on the 1st page of Google for a keyword that gets 2,000 precise searches each month, than on the 5th page for a keyword that obtains 500,000 searches per month. Nobody visits the 5th page. Heck, no one check outs the 2nd page either!

If you’re doing a search and also you do not discover exactly what you’re searching for on the initial page, exactly what do you do?

You fine-tune your search

You “niche down” as well as obtain even more particular with words that you write in the search industry. This is the benefit building a specific niche site hases more than developing a much more basic internet site– you as well as the site you construct exist to offer specific queries from folks trying to find certain answers. If you could come to be the utmost source for that topic, to giving those answers, normally your website is going to (eventually) rank greater, however past just what happens in the search engines, you’re in fact aiding people.

Why Make Money Online


There are lots of reasons why you could be interested in becoming an Internet marketing professional or an on the internet business owner. Perhaps you’ve burnt out of being at the grace of your employer for forty hours a week, each week. Maybe you want to take additional possession of the job that you do as well as gain the incentives of all the blood, perspiration as well as splits. Possibly you’ve starting generating cash online as a side job and also you desire to transition to having these on-line efforts change your full-time income.

That’s all great and when you take a look at the six-figure regular monthly income that someone manages to pull in, that type of way of life looks extremely attractive. And don’t get me wrong, the truth of the issue is that making money online has a lot less to do with the large member checks that you can generate as well as a whole lot a lot more concerning just how it could impact your overview on life.

Living the Internet Lifestyle

If you make a quite healthy earnings and drive an elegant vehicle, yet you’re away at the office for 80 hrs a week, you’re not specifically leading the most effective of way of livings. Money, per se, is not completion target.



It’s not about the money.  It’s not about driving quick cars, living in giant manors, or taking a trip to pricey hotels in unique components of the globe. These are all nice points, yet they’re not the main goal or one of the most fundamental part of the populate com way of living. It’s flexibility.

Whenever You Want It

Money could be very wonderful. It could get you that big-screen TV or take you on an elegant vacation. All of us intend to make that six-figure regular monthly revenue online as well as we all have the chance to obtain that sort of success.

The two most important aspects to making cash online are the freedoms of time and also place. You’re anticipated to be in that office from 9am to 5pm, five days a week, if not longer. You cannot invest a random day in the middle of the week totally with your child, due to the fact that you have to be at work.

If you’re your very own employer and also you make your living on the net, you can pointer away from the “workplace” and have a daddy-daughter day at Sea World.

Anywhere You Want It

If you make cash online, you can make cash anywhere you can obtain on the internet. It just requires to get on the internet. Life as a freelance marketer is similar. I have actually preferred to remain in my hometown, I can just as conveniently relocate elsewhere. As well as when I took place getaway to Europe, Australia and Asia, I had the ability to pop open my laptop computer, obtain some job done, and also continue to make my living. That’s exactly what the Internet has actually equipped us to do.

And also it gets even better with passive revenue streams, as I’m sure John will continuously inform us.